Hi! My name is Erika and I live in Victoria with my husband Alan and our daughter Stella. I'm a self proclaimed tea connoisseur and brownie enthusiast. I like listening to Stella laugh and snore and I like going on walks. I like open spaces, white walls and a lot of natural light. I am learning to see joy in the ordinary, chasing the minimalist lifestyle and always wishing I could take photos with my eyes. 

The vision of Stella of the Sea was inspired by all the love I felt in my motherhood journey from intentional and personal presents.

First through thoughtful care packages from my friends and family. My mum knew I struggled to get my milk supply started so she brought my first can of lactation cookies to the hospital. My loved ones knew I liked tea so when they came over to meet Stella for the first time, they came with some breastfeeding tea for me. Group of friends and family took the time to curate little hampers for our precious little bubba. I was in awe of the feeling from the gesture that was so intentional, handpicked just for us. 

Another inspiration came from a beautiful floral muslin wrap from a dear friend, Paper for James. Our faith is the thing that has brought us together and I thought it would be amazing to share this with the world through something so symbolic in my motherhood journey, the muslin wrap. The muslin wrap to me has been a swaddle, shelter as I nursed or covered my sleeping baby in the pram, it is also my baby's comfort aid. I had a vision that my friends and I could share our faith through these wraps, for mothers to wrap their babies in love through the Word. So with my friends Paper for James and Joy Collective, the wraps were born.

I'm sure you've worked out by now how much I love personalised and intentional presents. So last but not the least, personalised dummy or teething ring clips. There's so much in a name and what a nice gesture to recognise meeting a new baby by giving them something that marks who they are, as chosen by their parents. 


At Stella of the Sea, we believe that together, we can make a difference. $1 from every box and muslin wrap makes its way to Australian organisations caring for pregnant and new mothers here at home and in underprivileged countries. Let's make this world a brighter and better place, a dollar at at time.